2018 Strategic Plan

WE ARE ONE CHAMBER and we serve the businesses and communities in Oconee County.   We are moving forward with our mission, vision and goals as follows:

Increase membership and develop more opportunity for member participation and support

  •  Membership Mentors – creating initial connections/partnerships/retention
  •  Executive Dialogue – providing members with “shark tank” professional groups/committees/strategic planning/discussion       
  • Assist with new business development (as resource of information)
  • Assist municipalities with new business development (identifying potential business needs/opportunities)
  •  Assist existing businesses with market/legislative/or other challenges as needed     
  • Increase communication with members and strategic partners through all channels including one-on-one meetings facilitated by membership committee members

New Business Development and Assistance

  •         Business planning/licensing guide overview from county and individual municipalities – currently on Chamber website
  •          Support member cross-sell, buy local initiatives
  •          Cultivate stakeholders and facilitate partnerships across the County, an example is the Palmetto Conservation Foundation (Palmetto Trail)
  •          Be a resource of information

Personnel Committee Formed 

  •          Review job descriptions and personnel assignments
  •          Develop performance matrices for accountability and efficiency
  •          Review pay scales, work schedules, hours of each position
Legislative Advocacy
  •      Proactive representation of members’ business interests to state legislative delegation, County Council and municipal governments.
  •        Be a resource for members on information and issues that impact their businesses or the County as a whole

As we move forward with each of these objectives and make progress in each action area, we will continue to refine and/or refocus our goals and objectives.  It is imperative that the Chamber’s vision be periodically evaluated to ensure we continue to meet our mission, goals and the on-going, yet ever-changing needs of our members and the communities we serve.


Oconee County Chamber of Commerce     *    2 Leas Courtyard Drive    *   Seneca, SC  29672    *    864-882-2097

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